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Pinkeman Intellectual Property Consultants

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PINKEMAN IP SERVICES are composed of a team with eight years of cross-border intellectual property experience. Our services include global trademarks, patents, copyright registration, trademark transactions, etc. We insist that every idea has value!


Trademark Registration:International trademark registration in the United States, European Union, Japan and South Korea, and Madrid system can be registered in more than 200 countries around the world. Customers can check for free before registration, reduce your risk, improve the pass rate, and make the certificate more secure.

Patent Application:Appearance patents, new type patents, invention patents can be applied in more than 200 countries around the world, and some countries can apply for expedited applications, so that your patents can be issued quickly.

Copyright Registration:Art copyright, music copyright, text copyright, software copyright, compilation works, etc. can be registered in more than 200 countries around the world, and one service is free for life.

Business Services:Company registration, company change, agency bookkeeping, qualification agency, company account opening, full agency agency, no need for a legal person to be present, one-stop service.

Barcode Registration:The patent handles international barcodes, the whole process is agency, the certificate is issued efficiently, and a full refund is not successful.

Pinkeman IP SERVICES Advantage

Well-known brands: Trademark Office filing agency, big brands;

Professional Consulting: Free online consultation and services;

Fast and efficient: Directly connected to the Intellectual Property Bureau, business processing is one step faster;

Low price and transparency: no hidden consumption;

Experienced: a senior team with eight years of experience;

Offline entity: Offline entity company with guaranteed service;

Confidentiality of information: Sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure the security of your information;

Quality service: One-to-one consulting service throughout the whole process, professional and caring.

Corporate Culture

Enterprise Mission: Maximize intellectual property protection

Corporate Vision: To be the most influential IP leader in the world

Core values: not forgetting the original intention, unity of knowledge and action, honest service, professional and efficient

Business Philosophy: I have what I have, I am good when I am good, and I am good when I am good

Our Teams

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