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What is HTS code?What is the use of HTS coding and HTS encoding[2022-08-26]

HTS is the abbreviation of Harmonized Tariff Schedule. HTS was established on the basis of HS. It is a general item code formulated by the World Customs Organ......


What should I do if Amazon returns?Amazon FBA return processing method[2022-08-26]

As the order increased, many returns followed. A large number of returns not only affecting sales, but also affecting the ranking of the store on the platform......


How to do Amazon FBA?Amazon FBA entry tutorial: label[2022-08-26]

When I first started the FBA, I often encountered many problems about the FBA tags. Let ’s summarize the most commonly asked questions. I hope it will be help......


How to do the Amazon label?How to print Amazon FBA tags is appropriate[2022-08-26]

How to print the size of the Amazon label and how to print the size. These issues should not be unfamiliar with the friends who are Amazon, but for novice s......


How to rise in Amazon FBA warehouse capacity limit[2022-08-26]

The most critical part of operating a store in Amazon is inventory. Multi -inventory and less have a great influence on store operations. In order to better m......


What product is not suitable for Amazon FBA[2022-08-26]

For Amazon, FBA is Amazon‘s soul. If you do Amazon not do the FBA, then you have to abandon the most classic Amazon, but not all products are suitable for FBA......


What is COA certification?How to do Amazon COA certification[2022-08-26]

COA is a customs clearance certificate. After the product enters the customs, the importer can apply for the MS label from Sirim by virtue of COA. Special, if......


How do Amazon do?I will teach you how to make money from Amazon from 0[2022-08-26]

How to do Amazon is a headache for many other platform sellers. In fact, if you have experienced cross -border e -commerce experience, you will feel like a ti......