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2022 The latest Korean trademark Nice Classification Table (3 languages of Chinese and Britain and S[2022-08-26]

South Korea in 2022 The latest trademark trademark] 02-paint pigment 03-Beauty Dailyization 04-fuel oil 05-Medicine and health ......


Summary of the main points of the US trademark registration process in 2022 [dry goods][2022-08-26]

The United States is a well -known developed country in the world. The development of the US economic market can be said to be in full swing. Many Chinese com......


How to register American trademark by yourself?How much is it?[2022-08-26]

Speaking of American trademarks, maybe everyone may think that this thing is difficult. The agency of the general registered trademark needs to charge 35,000 a......


Registered information and processes required by US trademarks in 2022[2022-08-26]

As a world economic country, the United States is the only way for Chinese companies and entrepreneurs to enter the US market. Whether it is a packaging brand......


What is the cost of Japanese trademark registration in 2022[2022-08-26]

We all know that registered trademarks need to pay various rules to the Trademark Office. We can check the cost of domestic trademark registration in various ......


2022 Japanese trademark registration process and precautions[2022-08-26]

It is well known that trademarks are regional. Trademarks registered in China are not protected by law in foreign countries. Therefore, it is necessary to ope......


2022 Japanese trademark registration conditions and expenses fully solved[2022-08-26]

Japan is an old developed country in Europe. The economic connection between China and Japan is very close. Many Chinese businessmen need to develop in Japan.......


U.S. copyright registration quick question: What is the US copyright?[2022-08-26]

q \u0026 nbsp; [123 ] What is copyright? a \u0026 nbsp; ] Copyright is an intellectual property right. Once the author fix the wo......