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German seller shops were also blocked, and Amazon was sentenced![2022-08-26]

Latest news: \u0026 nbsp; German sellers are also named! \u0026 nbsp; Family enterprise named Mi.TO Pharm in Germany was blocked by the Ama......


Xiaomi wants to give up the MI brand?[2022-08-26]

A good brand has a strong appeal, Xiaomi‘s \u0026 quot; mi \u0026 quot; brand has become deeply rooted in people‘s hearts. Why is it suddenly changed? \u00......


International logistics prices rose again!How difficult is 2021 cross -border e -commerce![2022-08-26]

In recent years, with the congestion of multiple ports in the world and the normalization of the liquidation, the ship companies have made a lot of money, and......


US trademark objection procedure-US trademark objection processing case sharing[2022-08-26]

The US trademark objection procedure is similar to the court litigation procedure, mainly in three stages: the objection stages, the discovery stage, and the tr......


In the pressure of American trademark OA, how does applicants avoid their risks?[2022-08-26]

Whenever we hear the complaints of customers‘ complaints from the US trademarks by OA, people are undoubtedly affected. OA‘s original intention is the review. ......


Dry goods | US trademark registration one, two three: from application to use[2022-08-26]

How to apply for a registered trademark in the United States when the overseas layout of trademarks? What are the precautions for registered trademarks in the U......


Heavy!Amazon's new regulations, the EPR policy is the most comprehensive and easy to understand (mus[2022-08-26]

Recently, some European station sellers received Amazon‘s email, asking the seller [upload your EPR registration number]. Many seller friends don‘t know what ......


US trademark correction, why do you need to provide \"use evidence\" multiple times?[2022-08-26]

Everyone in the cross -border circle knows that in the past few years, American trademarks are very hot and are almost necessary. There is no reason for him. Th......