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What are the certifications need to sell children's toy products in Amazon EU sites?

发布日期:2022-08-25  浏览次数:   信息来源:小编
For children's toy products exported by the EU, sellers must meet EN71 certification standards and CE marks; according to whether the toys itself is charged, they also need to understand the Reach, ROHS instructions and electronic toy standards.

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CE certification: the product entering the EU sales permit, the fingertips gyro toy Category is within the scope of CE certification. The EU market's CE logo is a compulsory certification logo.
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EN71: The standard of toy products in the EU market, aiming to regulate toy products entering the European market to reduce or avoid the harm of toys to children.
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EN71 is an important test report. If the seller cannot provide effective and verified test reports, it may be forcibly recalled and prohibited from selling. The following table is a common certification standard.
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Reach: All imports and chemicals produced in Europe must pass a set of comprehensive procedures, such as registration, evaluation, authorization, and restrictions to change to more Good and simpler identification of chemical ingredients to ensure the purpose of environmental and human safety.
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EN62115: Electric toys standard, EN62115 certification is the EU's laws and regulations on electric toys safety certification. Electric toys are a micro -motor -driven toy. Most of them use batteries as energy power, also known as battery toys, including electric toys, video toys, sound and light toys of various materials.
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GS certification: certification required for exports of Germany. GS certification is a voluntary certification based on the EU unified standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN. It is a German security certification symbol recognized by the European market.
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The seller note: \u0026 nbsp; The following children have dangerous toys. The EU requires that the product packaging must indicate: Not Suitable for Children Under 36 Months or Not Suitable for Children UndEr Three Years can also be warned with graphics on the packaging.