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German seller shops were also blocked, and Amazon was sentenced!

发布日期:2022-08-26  浏览次数:   信息来源:小编
Latest news:
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German sellers are also named! \u0026 nbsp;
Family enterprise named Mi.TO Pharm in Germany was blocked by the Amazon platform! The company mainly operates development and sales of medical technology and makeup products; the agent lawyer of the company appealed to Amazon's title. The Court of Hannover District's judgment Amazon's behavior belongs to the abuse of market dominance! The court also emphasized that Amazon seriously violated the EU Commercial Platform (P2B) Regulations on July 12, 2020.

亚马逊封店 \u0026 nbsp;
The court ordered Amazon Destroy the buyer's company that has been stored and has not yet sold. In addition, after Amazon's locking of the company, it still protects its right to continue appeal on the platform.
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The basis for the court's judgment is the EU Business Platform (P2B) Regulations. Online intermediary services and online search engines, as well as company websites that establish goods or services to EU consumers in the European Union. Including Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Apple Store, etc. This regulation is a powerful place to stipulate the unfair business behavior of some platforms to ensure that the merchant stores on the platform get more fair treatment.
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Regulations have some clear prohibitions on the platform, such as: \u0026 nbsp; [123 ]
1. The digital platform cannot suspend and terminate the seller's account without a clear reason.
2. When changing the terms and conditions, at least 15 days in advance need to be issued.
3. Market and search engines need to be disclosed to the main parameters for ranking goods and services on the website to help sellHome understands how to optimize its own image.
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At present, although the Hanover Court made a verdict on Amazon, it is difficult to say whether Amazon will counterclaim or execute the court order, and the Hanno Court Court It is a German court, and it is difficult to evaluate whether Amazon, which can move far from the United States.
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Chinese sellers who have been blocked before, can see whether the first -line turnover of the Amazon account of the US station can still be observed. After all, the situation of Chinese sellers is not the same as the German Amazon seller, because the business volume of Amazon Germany is currently the largest in the European market, and the business volume of Amazon e -commerce in the Chinese market is almost the same. Amazon will definitely distinguish between Chinese sellers and German sellers.
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This penalty from the German court can only be said to be the one -line hope of the seller who was misused account. There are no violations of the rules, which can be actively lawsuit and appeal on the platform. Recently, some seller accounts also have cases of appeal. But if there is indeed an illegal act, I believe that the Amazon platform will not easily compromise, and there is no turn arrow on the bow!